Wheels for Christmas - Giveaway

Mom hopes new car will change her life: woodtv.com

Mom hopes new car will change her life

Read more about how a "Local auto repair shops surpise Spring Lake woman with holiday gift" at:


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Wheels for Christmas

Winner: Lindsay LaFrance

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Winter Bash

It is just about time to break out those motorcyles, and get ready for the riding season! That is what A2Z Service Center owner, Bill Silva, is doing at the Muskegon's second annual Winter Bash.

Check out the bike in the first few frames of the video, the grey one with the skull on the front, that is the Boss Man's Harley Davidson!! :D We are pretty excited that it made it on the news! (If you look really hard throughout the video you can even spot Bill Silva in the background.)


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Pay It Forward Person of the Week

Our Pay It Forward Person of the Week of March 6 is Bill Silva.

An auto repair shop owner who helps his customers afford their auto repairs by providing discount services and setting up payment plans.

Silva's shop "A2Z Service Center" has been in Muskegon for 4 years.
Silva told FOX17 News he and his wife opened A2Z with limited resources, now business is steady and they employ 6 mechanics and 2 shop workers.

But Silva is carrying tens of thousands of dollars in debt, in part because he accepts low income customers that other shops would not service.

Many cannot afford to pay the total cost of their auto repairs. Silva gives them the option to supply a down payment then pay off the rest of their debt monthly at no additional cost.

"The people that are coming in here are the people needing the help,(they) are the people just trying to find a job, trying to get to a job" said Silva."They can't get credit anywhere because they don't have a job."

Silva's generosity was featured in a local newspaper print article during the Holidays.
Shortly after, people began donating cash to the shop to cover other people's debts.

"Oh, it just brings tears in my eyes and it means I'm doing the right thing" said Silva.

See more at: Fox 17 News - A2Z Service Center

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In the News - Pay What You Can

A2Z offers a "pay what you can" option for those who just need to get their car on the road to make it to and from work. See more in the video!

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