Saab, Volvo and Honda

October 10, 2006

To whom it may concern:
Upon moving to West Michigan from St. Louis, Missouri, in 1999 we were fortunate to discover William Silva, the lead master mechanic at Automotive Advantage in Grand Haven, Michigan. We soon recognized the quality of Bill's outstanding work, his attention to detail and his excellent communication skills. So, for the past seven years. Bill has been our mechanic of choice in West Michigan, providing all of the service to our three cars (Saab, Volvo and Honda).
Never before have we had a mechanic of this caliber, and I am very happy to have this opportunity to explain why. Time and again, Bill has proven himself in several significant ways:

1- As a master mechanic, Bill's extraordinary competencies span foreign and domestic models alike. This is widely recognized by most other clients I've met, as well as by his fellow mechanics. He is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to troubleshooting difficult or erratic problems to ensure complete customer satisfaction-and he seems to enjoy these challenges.
2- Bill's sense of integrity and honesty is unmatched; he never allows other service representatives at the shop's front counter — or the shop owner, for that matter - to charge us, the customer, unless he feels absolutely sure that the problem has been sufficiently dealt with, and fixed.
3- Bill has the ability to work with any and all types of people. I've witnessed firsthand, from the shop's waiting room, Bill's remarkable ability to transform some unreasonable and over-demanding clients with his natural way of listening and speaking with genuine interest and concern in order to satisfy their needs and concerns. In less than a minute, the frustrated and aggressive tone of the clients' had vanished, Bill had proposed a creative solution, and the clients left with smiles on their faces.
I must point out that these sorts of qualities are direct evidence of the breadth of Bill's experience and talents, both as a highly qualified master mechanic in the garage, and as a very effective customer service representative at the front counter. I can only imagine how valuable these combined qualities will serve him as the owner of his own business. We are delighted to hear of Bill's interest logo into business for him self and feel very confident that his unique combination of skills and talents will continue to provide an important and much-needed service to the people of West Michigan. Furthermore, we fully and proudly intend to continue to do business exclusively with William Silva. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Shultz


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