1985 Camaro

To Whom it may Concern,
William Silva just recently completed a massive project on my son's 1985 Camaro. The time and effort that Mr. Silva put into the reconditioning of the engine on this car was well worth the investment. The engine runs as it did the day I drove the car off of the showroom floor. Without a doubt, the efforts by Mr. Silva have made this vehicle a viable car for my son and any future generations to come. The care that was given to the exterior of the car, which had never seen snow, again restored it to a showroom quality. We fully intend on being regulars of the local car competitions. The expertise with which Mr. Silva kept us appraised of the process of this rebuild and restore were impeccable. Not only were we given a correct appraisal of the costs up front but were kept informed as the process went from start to completion. Let me conclude by saying all of my 5 vehicles will always be serviced by Mr. Silva. I cannot wait to send all of my friends to his own shop.
Thank you

Michael S. O'Brien


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